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Please select the "View Floor Plan" button to view the booth map and make your selections. Up to four booths may be selected as part of your request. You have the capability to place each booth in the order of your preference.

On the booth selection page, booths can be selected using two methods:

1. Entering the booth number in the textbox and clicking the "Add Booth" button or
2. Clicking a booth on the floor plan

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact Liz Wells at
Desired Booth Size: 
Please specify in the section below if there are any exhibitors you would or would not like to be located near.

And please feel free to use this text box for any comments or questions you have. You can always reach Liz Wells, Vice President Meetings and Events at or 703-836-4500 ext. 202 any time for assistance.

Click here to download the SNAC International 2018 Application and Contract for Exhibit Space. Please return your completed contract to Snack Food Association and make a copy for your record.

Exhibitor Booth Request
If you exhibited at SNAXPO in 2017, please select your company name from the "Existing Exhibitors" dropdown list below. If you did not exhibit in 2017, please fill all required fields and click "Submit Request."
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Each 10' x 10' Booth is $3,400, no matter the location. Island booths (aisles exposed on 4 sides) incur an additional surcharge of $800. Non-Members of SNAC International must pay an additional fee of $1,250. Please contact Liz Wells for information to join and save this fee.

The SNAXPO 2018 trade show will open in the Georgia World Congress Center on Tuesday, March 13, in Atlanta, Georgia, and close on Wednesday, March 14. SNAXPO dates are Monday, March 12 - Wednesday, March 14. Exhibitors will receive an 8' back wall, 3' side dividers and an ID sign. Carpet and furniture are not included and must be ordered.

Exhibitors will receive two complimentary exhibit hall badges with their first booth; and one for each additional booth reserved. These badges will allow you to set-up and tear down your booth, take part in the breakout educational sessions, and enjoy lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday, inside the exhibit hall. Additional Exhibit hall Badges and full package registrations are available at an additional fee.

Exhibitors can have as many passes for current and prospective, ready-to-eat snack manufacturing customers, to walk the show floor, as they want. These passes may not be used by employees of your company or individuals employed by a company that does not directly manufacture snack products. Each customer pass will be strictly vetted to avoid abuse of this privilege.

All Exhibitors must provide proof of insurance. All property of the Exhibitor is understood to remain under its custody and control in transit to and from or within confines of the Facility. SHOW MANAGEMENT does not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor's property. Exhibitor shall carry Comprehensive General Liability coverage including premises, operations and contractual liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 for Personal Injury Liability and $500,000 for Property, Worker's Compensation with Employer's Liability with applicable statutory coverage. Certificates must be furnished before set-up can be allowed.

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